Database Performance Assessment and Tuning


Performance assessment and tuning sessions are the core foundation of the database maintenance procedures. Finding the cause of a database sub-optimal performance is the specialty of our top analysts.

In this assessment we will check the database for design errors, applicative issues, sub-optimal queries and infrastructure misconfigurations and will try to find ways to make your database work faster and with a lower infrastructure load.

  • Query Tuning: experience showed us that approximately 80% of all database system performance problems are caused by a sub-optimal SQL queries and might be resolved by tuning these SQL statements.
  • Instance Tuning: properly sizing your database memory and initialization parameter can greatly affect your system.
  • Disk I/O Tuning: database I/O is the bottleneck of most systems – I/O load, swap, index overuse and more might lead to performance problems.
  • Eliminate Database Contention: study database locks, latches and wait events carefully and eliminate them.
  • Tune the Operating System: Monitor and tune CPU, I/O and memory utilization at the OS level.

The service is delivered in three phases:

  • Basic information gathering: OS and database profiling
  • SQL information gathering: top SQL, important SQL for your system and SQL behavior that requires further investigation.
  • SQL Tuning: additional turning could require a follow-up engagement


  • Performance analysis report
  • Operative recommendation document


Databases are often referred to as the bottlenecks of the application performance. Poor database performance might cause the entire business to suffer. By running performance review, analysis and tuning on the databases your business will benefit from a better application behavior and save time and money.