Database Assessments


The database assessment include an overall look at a database environment and all its components. The database is then examined for an overall health check and best practice compliance.

Examples for assessment checks:

  • Platform and hardware details
  • Operating system overview
  • Information on supported applications
  • Current environment utilization (concurrent users, database peak hours)
  • Basic performance profile: analyze data and report on blocking sessions, I/O contentions, long-running queries and other database related performance issues
  • Security measures and best practices
  • Backup and fault tolerance strategies

The assessment includes a script based analysis and interviews with staff members involved with the designing and implementation of the database environment.


The database assessment document provides:

  • A detailed view of the current database environment
  • Recommendations for improvements and efficiencies for the current database environment, both physical and virtual
  • Performance improvement recommendations on the current database environment
  • Recommendations on how to approach DR alternatives


  • Determine the optimal path for recommendations implementation
  • Determine the optimal path for upgrades
  • Determine the optimal path for growing