The Team

Ami Aharonovich

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DBAces Founder & CEO

Ami is the CEO and Founder of DBAces. He is an Oracle ACE and the President of Israel Oracle User Group (ilOUG).

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Oded Raz

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Founder and EVP Business Development

Oded is Brillix-DBAces founder and EVP of business development. He is an Oracle ACE Director specializing in database security and Oracle identity management products.

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Liron Amitzi

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DBAces Canada Manager

Liron is the founder of DBAces Canada in Vancouver, BC. He is an Oracle ACE , OCP and a senior database consultant

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Zohar Elkayam

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Zohar is DBAces CTO and COO. He is a senior consultant and Oracle ACE Associate for database administration and performance.

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Oshrat Ben Avi

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Sales and Marketing

Oshrat brings with her 12 years of experience in IT sales and marketing. She began her career an IDF computer unit, taking part in multiple roles. She has a diverse history in sales focusing on products and professional services. She is also an experienced project manager in systems analysis and technical support.

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