performed at the highest professional level

DBAces consultants are responsible for designing, implementing and mainting the high availability and disaster recovery topology for our top and biggest customers. In addition they are in-charge on tuning and general maintenance of the production SQL servers. All that is performed at the highest professional level both in the technological and personal aspect, allowgin asto provide our customers with the best service possible.

Ofer Heijmans, co-CEO & Founder, Dooblo

super fast solution to super complicated problems

DBAces consultants are succeeding, for quite a while now, in providing fring with super fast solution (some are even brilliant) to super complicated problems

Sagi Dudai, VP R&D, fring

upgraded the application performance

When system availability is the most important parameter in the computation array, the experts of DBAces have upgraded the performance of the database of Casponet in a controlled, gradual and careful process after learning about all of the aspects of the application in a short time. This professional ability of DBAces has substantially upgraded the performance of Casponet's application making it more available and more efficient in database terms. The availability of DBAces personnel has never failed and that while cooperating with Casponet employees

Mussi Catz, CEO, Casponet

solving real crises in run-time

I very much like working with the most professional team in tuning and troubleshooting in SQL Server. I am working with the team for quite a few years now and they have always proved themselves both in finding the best solution in design-time and solving real crises in run-time

Guy Aharoni, Senior Director Software Engineering, Verifone Israel